my pattern book is so close

I got a little ambitious and so have made sure all the sleeves work for all the bodice types. Well the scoop neck is slightly difficult as it is so close the low neck. It’s just that little bit difficult. to justify right now.

But oh, how much do I adore it all! And it will make for a great online doll game.

My hand has though really not coped. Well from elbow to finger as the deformity in my wrist means the top ends of the radius and ulnar are under different stress.

Okay. I will make myself have a rest and come back to it. I have other inflammation going on that is feeding into it.

I just need to create a pattern for a skirt with a fuller back than front and then this Austrian style bodice. And then just drag and drop into the book and save. The book be in several folios to make it actually possible to publish immediately and add the details later.

But feedback from my doodles for this section has been positive so it’s absolutely worth the time invested in converting those to line art.

Meanwhile a little comparisson of my figure next to inspiration art.

I think I need to tweak this a bit to make the guarding separate. There is so much variety of guarding that it might just make life easier to remove all of it.

Also I need to do a section on hats and a section on undergarments. Then also for weather wear (cloaks and schauben.)

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