Bite more chew

But I think, I think, that I have managed to get the better tool to keep a setting. The problem with Inkscape is that it’s absolutely not arthritis friendly. There is no way to move tools to reduce mouse movements.

You have to create a line before you can tweak the tool and that can require moving to different parts of the screen.

However yes. Once you find the correct but lengthy process it is much faster. I have 0.92 and have found answers on forums at least.

And yes, my current file might, might be easier if I can tweak the imported OMG files to be half opacity. Right bow drawing black lines on wider black lines is not helping. That’s on me!

I am loving this though. Just trying to figure out a way to ask about accessibility in the user forums. A lot of what I find frustrating is shared. There is also a developer mode which I may get later.

Also I think I have found a way to teach next weekend. We will colour in!

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