getting there

It’s been a really tough road getting images sorted. Mainly for the non artistic aspects. Right now I’m looking at redrawing the patterns themselves in part to get them to match in part because I am having trouble with the patterns taking up different vertical aspects of the page and then having no room to write text. But for some reason the bezier tool will not remember the shape and width I have set. It did at one stage. And I just can’t figure out what I did. I’m not sure if I can move the tools and not having a dedicated quick key to do many things without the tool selected is definitely on the list of things that would help everyone. Slightly too many clicks and long distances between parts of the UI.

Yesterday I tried to use LibreOffice to drop my images into. It made the file impossible to load. So back to Softmaker and voila! It works. I think It handles images a little differently.

I have also tried to make the text document print at a size that works for US as well as the rest of the world. I think I’m just going to have to set it to the rest of the world, and give instructions on how to print.

And in the same vein the PNGs are set to a print size but I know printer dialogues often set to “fit to page.


I need a few breaks to recharge and I just want to get all those sleeves done now! I may just leave the patterns as they are and just crop them a bit closer.

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