progress today phone and site

So have a photo! This is a face of happy, actual happy as I finally made a breakthrough on quality of life and thus ability to get quality content back up 🙂

New phone, and I mostly figured out how to fix the weird image styling this theme uses. Block? really? Why? When it’s as easy as pressing enter in any version of the app.

Anyway :)I need to transfer data, I need my baby boo back as my wallpaper.

Also success with scaling up my existing pattern blocks to get the sleeves and bodice pattern plates done 🙂 Unfortunately the paper I used has changed. That or I need to hunt out some Reeves paper. My paper has a really obvious horizonal texture. I thought it was all Bockingford. but all the new Bockingford I looked at today had an even texture. It’s so markedly different that I couldn’t use it.

But, I have a lot to do before drawing up plates so.

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