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I have been trying to find written information about the production of items. We have several tailor’s books but we rely on extant items to understand how the garments were made.

This set of illustrations is part of a copy book for learning several forms of handwriting.

Libellus valde doctus elegans, & vtilis, multa et varia scribendarum literarum genera complectens
by Wyss, Urban, d. 1561; Berger, Thiebold, fl. 1551-1584

Publication date 1564


I am working on my own cutting book and realised it’s useful, but would be more useful with some simple information on how to sew. I do have a nice set of line art I created but it needs updating. All my patterns need updating so I may as well do this at the same time. But my printer still won’t work and I am very much a print, cut, rearrange, then do the same online 🙂


Currently also just trying to finish my theme. I like most of it. Might have to see if I can make a child theme to make sure I get all the security updates.

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