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I’m now really able to recognise even allegorical art from the North Rhine so have been collecting images of saints and having a lot of fun. I think what has actually happened is I recognise the work of a single artist, so having a look into his history and workshop locations, and if he traveled. But also while trying to find the source for an extant haube found the entirely of the journal series is scanned an online!
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/ Folia historica 19 / III. Műhely – elméleti, módszertani, gyakorlati kérdésekSipos Enikő: Egy 16. századi főkötő restaurálásának problémái

This follows the reconstruction of a beautiful hairnet of a shape found in Germany and Poland and Hungary. There is a soft rounded shape at the back and there is a strip of the same material around the hairline that is wider at the front than sides, tapering at the the back.

This is seen in net and fabric, with a series of concentric rings on the very top. In the fabric example this is purely decorative, in nets is a mix of decorative and functional.

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