willemyne is a print maker

So I had to back up my assertion that Willemyne is a name found pre-1600. And to that end I had to get a bit creative in finding very clear absolute examples.

So my lovely herald sent this piece of lovely info with my name submission:


See that on the right? Yeah baby, a scanned register! The link to the source site is in that little square with the orange coloured logo. We’ll get back to that.

The Open Arch site sadly doesn’t let you search by first name. So I went through some of my other resources, found the full name and searched. Some came up with the same spelling, some came up with a different (I suspect due to different source material.) So I got a bit stuck. None came up with a scanned document.

Back to that little logo. Those Leiden archives are able to be searched by first name! So I managed to pick up four (four!!!!) instances of Willemyne in writing pre-1600. I’d love to be able to go through other archives as easily but most do not have this scanned function.

1) NH Ondertrouw D. maart 1597 – mei 1602., archiefnummer 1004, Nederlands Hervormd Ondertrouw (1575-1795), inventarisnummer 4, blad D – 010v

2) NH Ondertrouw B. april 1586 – november 1591., archiefnummer 1004, Nederlands Hervormd Ondertrouw (1575-1795), inventarisnummer 2, blad B – 040v

3) NH Ondertrouw B. april 1586 – november 1591., archiefnummer 1004, Nederlands Hervormd Ondertrouw (1575-1795), inventarisnummer 2, blad B – 157v

4) NH Ondertrouw A. 1575 – maart 1586., archiefnummer 1004, Nederlands Hervormd Ondertrouw (1575-1795), inventarisnummer1, blad A – 144v

I mean how cool is that?? The name only appears as witnesses in this region, so it may just be the records don’t go back far enough or the very older ones haven’t yet been scanned.


This I found in September and I cannot work out where. So this name is common enough to be able to find in hand written examples!


So then I sort of cheated and just searched for “willemyne” archief which usually brings up a source in an archive so I can then look further in that source.


So I got to www.gahetna.nl (which is a website of the National Archives of The Netherlands in cooperation with the Society for the National Archives and Spaarnestad Photo.) I can’t really justify paying for a scan of the pages this name appears in but as there are scans I trust the transcription.

Reg. no. 270

270 1541 juli 30.

Het Hof van Holland oorkondt, dat Daniel Suys met als gemachtigde zijn zwager mr. Lievin Anthonis Blocxz, voogd over zijn echtgenote Willemyne van Adrichem en over haar zuster Cornelia van Adrichem, als gedaagde veroordeeld is in weerwil van het recht van aesdom tot inventarisering en scheiding van de nagelaten goederen van zijn zuster Aechte Suys te Wyck up Zee ten behoeve van Adriane Hermansdochter, weduwe van Pieter van Adrichum, en hun dochter Claerken van Adrichum, met als voogd Willem van Dam, secretaris.

Oorspr. (Inv. no. 984) met het geschonden zegel in rode was van het Hof van Holland.

And then in Het Rijksarchief in België 

Raad van Brabant. Processen van de adel 1ste reeks.

DUT: Inventaris van het archief van de Raad van Brabant. Processen van de adel. 1511-1650

  • Processen van de Adel
    • III. Dossiers zonder merkbaar verband
      • 478Willemyne Colegheensen c. François van Zande (van de Zande). Nalatenschap van een leengoed. Proces voor het Leenhof van Bergen-op-Zoom. 1555.1 omslag

Aanvraaginstructie [ archiefdienst – inventaris – archiefbestanddeel ]:
Rijksarchief te Anderlecht / Archives de l’Etat à Anderlecht – I 62 – 478

Vorige (nr 62) | Volgende (nr 61)

andFamiliearchief. Algemeen

Inventaris van de verzameling Familiearchief / M. Nuyttens.

  • Inventaris van de verzameling Familiearchief
    • 4Akte verleden voor schepenen van het Brugse Vrije, waarbij Pieter Waghe en zijn vrouw Willemyne Bylkin, poorters van Brugge, aan Maria Hancheman, weduwe van Gheeraert Van Volden, poorteres van Brugge, de helft van een partij grond verkopen, gelegen in het ambacht en de parochie Oostkerke in de watering van Romboutswerve, 1586.1 katern


Aanvraaginstructie [ archiefdienst – inventaris – archiefbestanddeel ]:
Rijksarchief te Brugge – INV 50 – 4

Vorige (nr 3) | Volgende (nr 5)

And i found this a few months back and forgot how- but I think just brute searching “willemyne” archeif.


(willemyne 6)

1497 October 9
Bedoeld is vrouwe Willemyne, erfdochter van Naaldwijk, Capelle en Wateringen, gehuwd met Jan, burggraaf van Montfoort.
Organisatie: Noord-Hollands Archief

(This spelling is the same across several documents but the surname is not. Formalised spelling is not really in place at this point. I’ve found various spellings of clothing items in a document written in one go, so yes. It’s very interesting 🙂 )

But then it gets better!!! Willemyne is the first name of two women involved in printing in the same time and place!!!! OMG!!!!

1) Willemyne & Pieter van der Keere


wordt met “smettelicke zieckte” waarschijnlijk de pest bedoeld. De tweede bron is een stadrekening uit 1584 waarin het volgende wordt vermeld: “Betaelt Pieter van den Keere ende Willemyne zyne huysvrouwe, ter causen zy den tyt van omtrent XXVIII maenden ende het, by laste van scepenen, metgaders Adriaan …


Pieter van den Keere (Latin: Peter Kaerius 1571 – c. 1646) was a Dutch engraver, publisher and globe maker.

2) Willemyne and Hans Liefrinck


Explore Hans Liefrinck (I) – Rkd

zoon van de houtsnijder en prentenuitgever Willem Liefrinck (1490?-1542), broer van de drukster en prentenkleurster Mynken (Willemyne) Liefrinck (?-1593) en vader van de houtsnijder en kunstverkoper Hans Liefrinck II; gehuwd met Catherina Cordier. Zie ook. in dit veld vindt u verwijzingen naar een groepsnaam of naar …


son of the woodcarver and print publisher Willem Liefrinck (1490? -1542), brother of the printer and printmaker Mynken (Willemyne) Liefrinck (? -1593) and father of the woodcarver and art dealer Hans Liefrinck II; married to Catherina Cordier

And she’s mentioned a few times in this book:
(use of VV for W, but also by her nickname: Mynken:)


There seems to be some query as to whether she coloured the prints or was involved in the printing process. It’s very cool because it’s evidence of a woman in the trade itself not as a seller or owner of a business after a partner has passed.

Anyway. This has been a really fun “detour” that came back to my main interest of putting together my own book of clothing patterns. I’m trying to decide between an Album Amicorum (hand drawn and a single copy) or a printed version.

There are pros and cons of each. I might try for a printed version as it could get me practicing multiple skills. I can sketch really well, and in style. It’s converting those soft lines into very hard lines like a print that I am not so great. This may require learning inkscape again.


Side note, I also found documents that were a stark reminder of what a turbulent time this was. And how brutal. Not in the region I actively research (probably down to what has made it to modern research) but in Flemish sources. I didn’t go fully into them but there are a number of Willemyne’s listed which makes it feel a little closer to home, even if technically this is where all my ancestors come from. Well the Netherlands and Germany before that. But my ancestors did not travel much even though some at least were involved in trade (though at least one very close ancestor owned a barge.)

I am talking about lists of witches and their punishment. As I said, very hard to read. Hard also as it obviously reminds me of who else went through equal kinds of punishment and who had very few rights in law.


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