today is a quiet day

I have managed to empty my suitcases, so they can now be removed from my room. Or. Or I could use the sparkle monster to store my Elsa properly with wig, cap, and foam head.

I think I can set aside make up just for her, even though I pretty much use the exact same stuff for myself. Not sure what the other suitcase can contain. But I have another green suitcase type bag which also needs to be useful or stored in a dry area.


But today is to tidy the trims and jewelry bits that got very mixed in with my small sewing items that I really do need to sort. Find what I can keep and what could be passed on.


There is very little out there in the way of suitable rings and brooches. It’s quite frustrating. I’m going to look through my Spanish portraits collection to see if there is much overlap for specific items to see if I can at least reuse different elements.

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