Home and enthused

I spent a weekend doing nerdy quasi- medieval/renaissance stuff. The quasi part is almost fully due to my need for modern cabin space for health (which crashed more often than I admitted to.)

Definitely enthused to not only do more but to try and do some outreach I planned to do after all.


All my clubs are inclusive, and once inside it’s easy to see, but I am realising more and more it can often not seem so from the outside. And of course like any community is made up of individuals all of whom have their own reason for doing things. It’s been something I’ve pondered about for a while. Am I helping with inclusion or not? I really want to share the love I have of particular costume eras (multiple) I know about, but I definitely do not feel i have anything to add to discussions about other kinds of clothing and culture. I don’t want to sweep into communities I don’t already have a presence in but rather would like to offer what I know in a neutral community environment. And I have that opportunity. So now it is about using it well.

So I’m looking to build on that opportunity to share what I know and potentially then also learn about that which I don’t. I do have a really great opportunity for that.



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