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I have held of sorting my historic documents and art research or a very long time. It is so OTT that I really should be using Dewey Decimel to sort it. But that would actually be a bit annoying. So I’m trying to be more sensible. But there are so many wonderful scans of original documents right across Germany that I;m having trouble not adding everything. But restrained I am being. I have been trying to find pdfs of the pre-18thC volumes of Die Mode or Modes and Manners by  Max von Boehn.

All other volumes are in fact available on Archive.org though. So exciting. There is also a nifty book with very early extant garments.:



Bekleidungskunst und Mode
by Boehn, Max von, 1860-1932

There is a huge section on reformation of costume of the late 19thC through to the date of publication.


It’s dated obviously but handy. I highly recommend grabbing volumes of Die Mode as there is art in all these little books that has recently become available through the institutions holding them, but imagine a time before this. It’s easy for some of us of course 😉


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