ahsoka progress I think

Today I managed to mix latex do support my latest set of Montral. They look really great, got a lovely curve. But the weather has turned which means I have to leave them alone for several days again or I risk collapsting the latex against itself. If it was super hot it would be very easy to avoid bumping into them for a short period of time.

But I have nearly got the hilts sanded back, so I need to pick up some Rub n Buff as the only way to finish these- metal paint just is not going to allow for the fine detail to show.

But I thought I’d share a theory.


At the end of The Clone Wars Ahsoka leaves the Jedi. She also gains respect for Ventress who basically helps her more than anyone in clearing her name. Ventress used curved hilts.including when she helped Ahskoka, in fact they are recognised even in some darkness.

In Canon Ventress owns the only curved hilts- aside from Dooku whom of course Ventress was apprenticed too.

I won’t spoil Ventress’s arc but suffice to say I can’t help but think she had a lasting impact on Ahsoka who by this time was rethinking what it means to be good, what it means to be loyal.

The curved shape cannot just be a coincidence. Even if it’s not a straight up homage it has to be part of her thinking.

Lightsabers are a reflection of the Jedi who wield them and as Ahsoka no longer thinks of herself as Jedi. So she uses all her learning to create them. The crystals are from a sith after all. She reuses them after removing all trace of the sith, but also without leaving any trace of Jedi training.



To say I’m invested in an Ahsoka who has learned her life is not what it was and has gained a lot of insight, even to know her limits is a bit of an understatement. I am very nervous about her fate in Rebels, I’d quite liked to have had her remain where we last saw her. We know others manage to hide from the force for decades. I am okay with that.

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