no ahsoka my phone gave up

I spent the day trying to see if I could see anything obvious, but tiny screws with tiny tools do not play nicely with hands.

So I am sore, working with an even older phone (I can’t update it even) and trying to determine what phone to try and get given it’s the time of year when all post is delayed, and if it will work with my current SIM card (which is super old and frankly am amazed it still works).

If I need my IG fix there is a work around at least. But I also realised why a physical keyboard is so important. It’s not about feeling the keys, though that is really important with weird numbness in fingers) but about how I have to hold my hands when using a touchscreen. It is so painful because it basically pushes my hand further into the shape my disease is pulling it. I may make a video. With a physical keyboard I can hold my phone and move my fingers over the keys without triggering any of them so I can support the phone right through every keystroke.

I also spent a day in sadness in trying to find any accessible phones. No one wants to make phones for what is a growing market- people with arthritis in their hand. There is a really horrible embarrassment about it. The stigma of aging. Even though I’ve had this since I was 25 that is pretty much at the core of the limited range of features that help. Not to mention able bodied folk asking each other if there is a mrket instead of you know, asking the people affected. If you ever wonder why disability advocates get so fed up, this is why. Everyone is an expert on the experiences we have except us, apparently.

I guess because so much of looks like it is designed for infants and there is a frailty involved. So that sucks. Luckily I do have a second back up and I can still find my phone on ebay for fairly reasonable prices. It’s also possible to replace parts, and that’s fantastic. I can basically rebuild it a few times.

I never really understood LINUX enthusiasts… I totally do now. I like to be able to fix things myself and I can do that with my PC, with my netbook and with my phone. It does actually offer a heck of a lot of that independence people demand of disabled folks.

BTW I use linux as well. So it’s growing on me.

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