nerve test done

It was definitely not fun. Mainly because the tendons in my palm are so tight. I do now have a frame of reference for a really weird thing. My right little toe occasionally feels like it is being jolted with electricity. And using the test, it’s about the same level as the 23.3 near the rist and 70ish near the elbow. But it lasts for about 10 seconds. I did feel sick, it’s just part of my pain reaction- nausea. And I was wobbly. But I’m definitely fine now and was about an hour after.

So regarding my hands. Only on the low side of normal, so this should mean no actual nerve damage.

This is fantastic. I was really worried that this was a case of why bother trying to save my hands, but I now can be pretty sure that if I try and do the hand therapy exercises (I got a single sheet the very first time I was diagnosed, nothing since) it should be worth it.

I still think it’s mainly because my bones have rotated at the elbow in the same way they have rotated at the wrist.

Also as mentioned my tendons in my hands are tight, and so could be pulling out of alignment as well. So my concern about surgery destablising my wrist more seems to be supported. We’ll see. I have my ortho. appointment in a few weeks.

Now I can feel good about delaying carpel tunnel surgery. The trouble is injections really do have a marked effect. But steroids do break down tissue. Therefore having another injection could cause me to actually need the surgery.

So.. I guess protecting my hands to prevent tangible damage is still the way to go.

So if you see me walk with may hands up near my chest, you know why 😉 I have been trying to save as much function as I can for 16 years. It seems to be working. It’s mainly instinct now. I stecth my hands at the desk fairly often.

But I will need to really dedicate time every day to stretching my entire body. And try to build up muscle again.

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