first infusion done

We are doing fast pushes which actually works well for me. I tend to low blood pressure (never smoked and have very little trans fat and very little sugar and even less salt so yay for that actually working) so a slow rate tends to see that drop while a fast rate tend to keep it fairly nicely stable. I do drink sweet tea (umm, I should say regular tea in a bag and with a 1/2t sugar) which is not my normal practice but does help in this instance.

But I’m still a little woozy from the antihistamine so need to have a break.

Also the port is in my elbow so I was not able to do anything, again happy for the fast push 🙂 I instead watched Hunger Games, which is a lot bleaker than my spoiler free experience suggested. Yes, actually spoiler free. Or I just managed to not remember many.

Possibly not the best idea right now. There is a lot of guilt and other stresses that come in when you are a chronic patient. So currently just focusing on keeping on track on potential side effects (not likely) and potential bugs.

But more than anything, this gives me just a little insight into the experiences of people who deal with this for extended periods of time. It’s not easy getting to and from our places of care, so any considerations have a greater impact than may otherwise be understood.

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