catch up with projects

My RA is relapsing and it’s a bit difficult getting in front of it. It also means I need to focus on one project or another and it’s a bit frustrating as I’ve had back luck with both!


Ahsoka’s hilts are ready for final smoothing and welding (acetone, all the acetone!)

Ahsoka’s boots are actually in progress. I chose a pair of boots where I can avoid a zip at all due to the firmness of the greaves over the ankles.

Ahsoka’s Tunic has been fitted. New mitts with little window also fitted. I’m just debating how to sew them up. I think I will have to overlock.

Ahsoka’s armour needs more layers of paint, I need more white ink.


Marie Antointte hoops have been cut down and attempted to reshape and attempted to use plastic boning. But it hasn’t worked. I have decided what I can do with the boning though!

Marie Antoinette hoops are now in a state of wait for new product and research most likely 1930s construction.

Marie Antoinette research includes loaning the catalogue again and lugging around a book I swear is 5kg. And a smaller book on costume theory.

So I also need to put up posts for each of these.

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