marie antoinette progress

Well semi progress! I have the petticoat cut and partially sewn, even braved using a hemming foot! But I have run out of thread. But I do have a nice amount of cotton sateen, slightly heavy, to line my bodice with which is a huge relief! I need to wash it to soften but it’s ideal 🙂

I was also trying to remember how the bodice worked. I remembers the back, and the sleeves, but as I have been distracted for a while I forgot the neckline and front shaping.

Suffice to say I’m happy with reviewing photos again. Double darts. I love these. I can work with these for any profile. So happy.

I do still want to make a set of stays that will work for anything. And having seen Eric Winterling’s work i now I want to use my cotton bobbinette. It’s not the same method but I got really inspired seeing the care taken in making a light bretahable stage ready foundation garment!

I try to make my work as close to the original as possible. I do make substitutes, oh yes, but I always want to know how and why I am deviating.

So as per the previous post I will make a separate set of stays, they will be pretty modern. A blend of c1900 and later. But possibly with bust gussets not seams just because there is a pronounced underbust stress line in the photo above that I don’t get with a smooth seam.

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