not secret project progress

I’ve been inspired to remake some older projects. I have not really gotten over my darling Boo passing so fast and so cruelly, and it has reflected in hesitation and putting off personal projects. Health obviously has played a part with fatigue being ever so much worse in the last two years (compounded by not being able to play catch up with the whole breaking a rib and having full flu in the same year.)

So emotionally and physically I’ve fallen far behind what I would like to be up to even beyond current expectations.

I really wanted to reuse all my parts of my previous costume, but I have had to pretty much stick with collecting the useable sparklies to sneak in, and the foundation of the hearts.

I haven’t tested the bodice with boning yet, but I had to extend up under the arms a little more than expected, so that has played a part. I also will need to get some stretch fusible to disguide shaping seams again but that’s okay too 🙂

I seem to have also lost all progress photos and all reference images of the costume. Slightly difficult to sort and figure out. I think it may have been part of moving folders and losing some. I did find my old references site pages so could go through them, and I also have my own copy of the magazine it appeared in.

I have also been within inches of part of the real deal 🙂 Slightly not sure if it was as thee is a background costume that looks like a prototype 🙂

But seriously, might have to dig through my photobucket account to find anything!


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