SNAP works again

I cross post to DW for many reasons and DW recently changed things and the plugin hadn’t been able to work so now it does 🙂

What to share.

Well. I’m an active 501st member again 🙂 It took 3 hours from first wig cap, to last touch of paint,which probably took longer as I had to do cunning hair wrapping to have it all under the cap.

Even with big painted face and head still had people standing in front of me in group photo. So I started to do deep lunges because that is not cool. Trust me person my size you can stand infront of tall guys in armour and they will still be seen, stand in front of someone your height without that armour bulk it does not happen.

Also I totally did not wake like that in th e morning.

People did it to me in DARTH TALON! Red and black full body paint and those oversized lekku and still. I was less mobile in that so couldn’t just pose.


Elsa is still my best costume for photos. I think because the make up is actually contoured with pink and it actually works as a contour vs various other colours. i may be able to get away with peach.

But not great for adults stepping on me and the frock and the cape.


Selina (Catwoman with big wig) was weird. You could so tell the fans from the not fans. Lots of modern versions of villians didn’t catch it. And a very sweet Deadpool did. Lovely person under that suit. I’m used to Deadpools run amok scenarios 🙂 But the boots were still easy to wear and



I made some good choices this time. And got an idea of what works in the scene again and for other activities. Probably going to do some things just for fun.

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