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So my first workshop went really well. I need to make getting the follow up notes a priority oer the next few days. I may do that today even though i am a day behind in general.

I’ve also decided I have enough lovely projects finished that I can concentrate on the ones I want to, not feel obliged to.

Early Historic:


Cleves Gown– actual Anne of Cleves gown. I basically need to finish the sleeves (all the sleeves) and then she is finished.

Cleves research– I thought I just had a confusing mess of information, but I have the hook to work from. It’s time to get that just published.

As time permits

Silver Spanish Frock of Doom- I really need some good silver ribbon to isolate the braid in place and I need to get lining and other aspects sorted.

Spanish research– while tidying I realised I have gotten so far along with this as to be ready to edit. So again really just getting that hook to getting it in publishable format.


Late historic


Workshop guides– follow up material for the skirts, and get the sleeves guide up asap. I have a lot of graphic creation to do for these. And while the skirt diagrams were all paths I will have to draw arms for this and also torsos for the next. Then use paths to make them nice graphics for the web.

As Time Permits:


The Mina– I am still so much in pain with my separated rib that a corset or corset like support is out of the question for a while. And the silk is unforgiving. I need a perfectly fitted bodice not just through the narrow part but over the bust and shoulders. I cna’t just hazard a guess.

Gored stays– I really need a nice corset again. I have had epic fail with patterns and fabric so this is very much a case of holding fire until I get the right fabric. Also as per Mina my rib is still healing- it could take a year!

The Sunburst– I knew I’d known of this dress for a ridiculous length of time but yes. She is in Payne’s 1st edition! So literally one of the very first books I read as a teen. I so wish she’s been able to have taken a pattern as I suspect the gown is much too fragile now.

Sheer princess– it’s the middle of winter so this can be put off to summer 🙂 But there is a manual that is just the go to for these so I can take my time

Blue managers dress– I need the waterfall drape made lighter- the only fabric that will suit the cotton is a cotton sateen or very very very light velveteen.

Mantua- I could do this with the wool of 12m. There is more than enough and the Kimberly gown is one of my faves. Also two patterns for it 🙂 But there is one I have a pattern for that I keep hoping to do with my pale plue taffeta. It is 100% dead dino though.

Francaise– this is the other thing I could do with my taffeta. With smocked robings as per the Kyoto one.

Black and white day dress overhaul– literally washing and restoring. It has been washed but I should really wash again to remove every last trace of dye transfer and soot.

Garment drafting tools- I have a card copy of one, but I really want a Thompsons. So that means a lot of work in graphics to separate out the elements. I’d like to eventually get them milled in acrylic so if one of them works I’ll be doing just that 🙂




 Padme light blue- Currently plotting the placement of the stamped design on the cape. Two stamps (mirrored) and then said stamps used reversed. So. A bit fun.

Amazon references- I really am so excited by how many people want to be amazons so I will keep doing collections of elements. But it is also graphic work intensive so each one takes a day.

Ahsoka– Totally stalled because it was such an expensive process of casting. Those sharp angles and my shoulders do not match up easily!

As time permits:

Maleficent– horns. I really want my horns to be just so. So 3d modelling as well as sculpting clay. The texture is still difficult to do with free tools so it may be a case of finding a new program.

Hippolyta– I’m taking time. I know she is going to appear in other movies and I suspect this version is still going to be The One.

Freya silver robe– this is very much of the I know exactly how to make it but I really need tools outside of my access but also found a solution to other issues so as soon as enough material appears it’s all go 🙂

Marie Antoinette– I am totally buying all the silver work versus making them because I am not a team of 20 stitchers 😉

Missy– I have the wool and I know what i need and it should be a nice project with lovely materials.


I may wind up being able to do more of these. But for now I have to get on to those immediate project. Like today 🙂 Today shall be writing and graphic. I need the heater on for my hands so staying in one room is most cost effective.

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