catching up

So yes, a bit of a quiet patch then FLURRY of posts 🙂

But it is very reflective of life right now. I’m having the first bout of stable energy in a long time. I am though in the midst of my second cold of the season (the first was a new strain so was very not fun, this one must be related to it or another one my immune system remembers as it’s just like being tired and nasally- though my voice was in good nick and I’ve been singing early music again!)

So right now I need to get older projects out as they are weighing on me heavily. Luckily at least two are going to be a boon for my workshops (fixing the black and white sheer dress, and making over the Phantom wedding dress:


So close to accurate materials vs gone overboard with the opal organza and lace.

I have beads and lace galore to add to that one 🙂 So speaking of my workshops…

What I will have on display  I’ve just put up on my Facebook Page


So back to the fixing of the backlog while I have had a few days straight of being awake 🙂

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