rib feels better

Admittedly I threw high levels of corticosteroids at the problem (20 last night then this morning- very careful to taper off if I have any more. )but the fact is it has helped. I don’t want to leave the house though, the side effects of the entire catalogue of therapy used means I need quiet and predictable for a few days. So that I can just let hose side effects happen. And then to start fixing up after those side effects!

So today is for checking up on Ahsoka, maybe creating the internal supports and lekku ends.

Wash the tunic and extra tunic material to check the final result.

Get the heat gun out and see if I can change the angle of the horn sculpt for Maleficent. Also see if I can make the Ahsoka armout from it. The plastic is thin enough that it should be fairly easy.

So. Camera and phone being prepped as I can’t liveblog as our wifi really doesn’t reach outside the house, it’s a bit dodgy even in my room!

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