yes! post history actually working :)

So far all of May, June, and most of July 2014 are back. These were my most popular posts and they are still all over pinterest. So this is a huge deal 🙂 After spending all day yesterday and Saturday getting images re-registered I wasn’t going to spend all day today editing, but well it’s been a long day so why not just keep going.

So nearly all posts up to December 2014 are backed up as drafts, so I’ve turned off auto posting for the next few days (well deactivated plugins because they still posted (only flaw in them so hey, not going to actually complain!)

Anyway. Just letting the odd one through- these are not saved here on lj/dreamwidth as this was the year of Tweet posts being the only crossposting option to lj 🙂

So most are not being crossposted (there are 182 drafts not counting the posts from May-June already put back in place 🙂

It’s a really good project right now, so time to back up!


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