voting? voting!

Local elections around New Zealand and gearing up and I have tried every year since I was eligible to vote, and rarely being able to.

The reason is the same as for pretty much everyone, I simply do not know who the people are who stand- unless I recognise them from past councils and past rounds of elections.

So in Christchurch someone developed an app. Yep an app! Celect. This really does seem useful. It is not a cutesy- to anyone overseas we use that colour for our elections. Okay we have a balloon man remind up it’s election time too.

Anyway. I’m hoping it gets taken up by other councils as I have been looking at the boards up all over the city and the Ward I’m in is super teeny tiny, and feels like the leftover of two larger Wards (our suburb is kind of lumped in with industry though we really are rich in schools and parks so it is really important the people who live in the Ward do vote.)

So this is a reminder to me to go to my local site, get familiar, and work our what seats I get to vote for..mayor, ward, and possibly the main council? Honestly the confusion is even worse here as the history of Auckland has been to split up and recombine boroughs, wards, cities over my life time. Each change has directly affected my access to public parks and museums so I do know full well how important this is.

If this app helps get that information to all voters that is fantastic. It really is.

I’ve also been watching a lot of Parks and Rec.

I love Leslie Knope.

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