content added, did I break my site?

As I thought, my last update of my new site failed. But I do now have from 2011-2014. So I will be able to use exports from lj to fill in those years. Well one year at least. I hope.

Meanwhile, articles ahoy! These were all copied from the cache of my site. I may, may be able to rescue some blog posts from here as well.

|| hair & make up ||

sm_1870shair12 sm_DSC_2649 (2)

1870s hairpieces || french braiding hairpiece into a wig

leiawig13 jemwigtest machiko3

Rewefting wigs: Leia, parting and buns || Jem, wig with bangs || Huntress, wig without bangs

||sewing & patterning||

skirtregency sm_DSC_5629

19thC skirts: Pattern diagrams || cutting guide for skirts

skirttutorial1 2wd1

Patterns: half circle skirt || waterfall drapery

hookandeye2 piping8

Insertion: hook & eye tape || piping in stretch fabrics



direct modeling in fibreglass over forms

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