I like to share good news too :)

Today has been a bit emotional. I have been spring cleaning which means taking the entire contents of my room in to another larger room and going through every single scrap of paper, photo, and dust collecting object de stuff and deciding if I should keep it and where to organise it to.

This morning I found a syringe of metacam from my last days with my darling Boo.┬áIt’s still here when he is not, and that is very hard to accept right now when I very much need him.

However I have had two emails that have been uplifting. One is a reschedule of a special event, one was to send a statement about myself for a showcase event coming up.

These are two very different events, and they both involve inspiring others as well as being inspired myself. It’s wonderful.

So yes, on a day where I have been struggling with loss it has been incredibly important.

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