Emerged slightly scathed

Emerged or ErmErGerded… out the other side of the inventory.

Reading it aloud to a not quite native speaker and both winding up not sure what language we are reading?

Anyway. I have colours, fabrics, trimming, and garments. I have included men’s and children’s gear as they are all over the house and help look for alternative spelling- or as I call it “the writer just gave up”.

That said who needs a hundred yards of linen for (specifically) small headcoverings? Apparently she did. She had more for other cloths. But mainly hats. Have I mentioned she had a lot of hats?

She had a lot of hats. Twenty in one room. They were sort of all over the house.

The dude making the inventory clearly had enough after room six¬†and there is heaps of shorthand and he literally writes “not worth noting.” In an inventory that was pretty darn precise for the first three pages or so.