Research rabbit hole

I was supposed to sew today, but I had a small little detour from saving files to a new ssd, to finding some documentation to realising I didn’t have it any more, to hunting it down and finally to a bit of a virtual hoard.

But sadly the archives I need to access just keep pulling error messages.

But I have enough information now to find the sources for some 20thC texts that were missing references.

So now I am a few hours behind on current projects but feeling much more confident about some research I have ready to go back up online.

It’s now a few hours later and I did get the photos and I did do some pinning. Further to the above I have had to go through all my Cleves images, and hunt out partially labeled photos, and finally unpicked the edges of my gown and put in a narrow edging of the same red velveteen. Because I was annoyed by it not looking quite right.

Slight nightmare. But I did save a heck of a lot of fabric by piecing so… it’s period practice? By not extending the velveteen in to the guarding I saved a meter or so possibly more, which for the era would have been a huge saving of money. Stitchers were apprentices so their work was less valued than┬áthe fabric.

But I now have a nice lineage for terminology again and with added benefit of being able to link to references! Yaaas!

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