It’s molding day!!!

Yep 🙂 Got my horns all supported, I will need to add a tiny little bit of clay mixed with vaseline to make tidy seams but by the end of the week I should have a pair of Draenei horns!!!

While waiting for the ultracal to set up I’ll be cleaning my Mon mothma brooch as well as Maleficent ears so I can cast thinner ears in latex. I’ll use the same pale blue tint for the horns.


This is the stage where I see super fast progress as opposed to days and days of shaving.


Health wise, even working with warm clay I have a lot of trouble with my trigger finger when applying heaps of clay. It’s not as bad for thinner layers nor for the shaving and carving process.

But yay!

Also found all my large PVC pipes and there is definitely enough for the Avatar armour set. It’s also thin enough I’ll be able to shape it with a heat gun once I make my desk better able to work with heat.

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