Image update!

The images I shared were from this painting!

Small lesson to not assume you named a file- I’m still not sure how it came to be but hey! I took the time today to hunt down and share the source! This is why I haven’t yet shared my old Frazzled Frau and Saya Espanola sites- I have far to many images to source or resource and simply not enough time. That said, I do have a huge number of images from books I’d love to share, and this, today, has shown me it can definitely be worth the effort. I have been pinning on pinterest though and always to the museum/auction site where possible. Tumblr and other pins are not sourcing. Especially when you don’t link to a static file!

The full file size here is 34M so each and every figure can be seen in detail! *faints*

Oh so other than getting a source, I also did find why I had put the images in the folder I did- I have heaps of images by Vrancx and Alsloot of figures in this era, and in equally vibrant clothing! So yes, this is something I’d like to share as a fix for my own assumptions! I usually hoard files in their web documents, but in trying to reduce space I may have moved files out of one folder to another.

Also Vrancx loved that blue ropa/surcoat and it appears in a number of paintings!


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