Life continues

I cry every day, usually after spending a few hours in one place, I’m so used to rather heavy head bumps or loud cries for a door to be open. For a deaf cat he made a lot of noise, he used his voice so much. And it is so strange to not have his physical presence.

Luckily the sleep issues have settled again- I’m having more difficulty going to sleep but my dreams tend to be dreams not nightmares right now.

I did recut my Mina bodice tonight. As per my Instagram account I made a big booboo- I made the mistake of thinking that I had left both sides the same before I put the new lining away. Turns out I had altered one side and did not leave myself a reminder. I usually baste or ink a sewm on the other side to make sure I know.

But then I made three test linings (with darts and with seams) so it’s not really surprisine.

Anyway, new bodice lining was basted together while watching the okeanos live dive. Four hours of rocks with two potentially new sponge speacies collected (poor arm operator got the first sponge beautifully, the second was great until the arm went to far and the current knocked the top off- given the currents, given the arm, camera, and ROV were all operated by different crew and on top of that the ship 2km above had to stay stable or move a few dozen meters at a time.. it was insanely amazing to watch!)

I hope I manage to catch the next one ???? I always manage to have connection fail when the cool crustaceans are on ???? But I did manage a few screen caps ????

okeanos2016250416 okeanos2016250416b

Two very  very cool animals ???? There were a few shrimp, a crab that I missed- again- and a tunicate (Audrey II nightmares for non-bio crew XD) and two super adorable amphipod with red undersides. So adorable- hanging out on a stalk with a sea star on the end kind of trying not to touch them but still doing so.

Oh and guess what that ropey feature is ????

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