Exoskeleton time- part 3

(Part three- open source)

So what else? Open source? Yes! There are people who are sharing print files for easy to print options that can be heat shaped. So this cuts out the need for a scanner or really fine tuned models.

There’s not a lot yet, but let’s celebrate those who are making and sharing and hopefully encourage more:



Woo, trigger finger splint options!


And from there you can go to the full site- assisstive technology! I love it. I like calling my orthotics my exoskeleton of course ????


Seriously good idea- custom seats for wheelchair users?


Lots of lovely designs for ring splints! Just none for my placement of trigger finger, but for my EDS spoonies? I hope they work :) (I have HMS the most super mild possible form- I say possible as I was Dxed in the 90s- but if you have ever seen my backbends you know there is absolutely somehting not right anyway ???? But I was Dxed and had some Antibody weirdness but not enough for anything more pronounced.)


Not really what we are after.


So slightly different.

I know I saw more, there was a site where there were more files for pets than people, but that changes daily :)

Also as these are files, you can custom print and custom shape! Woot!

But remember nylon is the best in terms of flex, PLA seems to be the most easily available (and print0 but is degradable? But does come in all sorts of colours- and apparently smells nice :)

But we are much closer to readily available, easy to wear and make products that you can order from home and hopefully get a therapist to shape. So far that latter part is eluding me :)


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