Getting to be daily updates again

So yesterday. I managed to break my website trying to do the clacks tribute to Pterry. Turns out it was a plugin that conflicted with the caching plugin in I use, so.. my site had a few makeovers ????

Today I saw the hand therapist and yes, my hands a mess and difficult to explain. I have a splint for my finger so far and will need custom wrist splints as they need to help avoid carpal compression because yes, I have tingles in the palms of my hands. In fact the lovely therapist just called me after hours to help give me info on how to work through the hospital system so I’ll be emailing tonight I think.

I also managed to pick up some grommets (proper two part with shaped washers) and a terrible cheapie petticoat to put apart for my vintage project :)

I’m also going to be involved in a photoshoot, so I need to check I have a dress for an option!

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