Health update

I have two specialist visits in the next week, one at my actual local hospital one at the one I have to to to for anything else which is not at all local.

Anyway, I also need my regular blood tests and some others.

But I spent two days in bed this week which is not great, it’s been a year like this, if not more, so I really do need to get some answers but they won’t happen because to be honest the label “chronic” actually means stable to most (under pressure) services. Anyway, I have genuinely thrown everything I can at it myself (haem, non heam, lowered dairy at the same time, attempted low level exercise) no change with any of these. Except for TMI stuff and better hair, nails and skin.

So.. so far all vanity issues which most people worry about ???? Me I’d like to figure out how to be awake more than a few hours a day.

I haven’t been able to play games either- now that’s a interesting discussion on how people can assume I can just change a controller, no- they all mess up my hands. They all do, don’t make a suggestion that is anything other than VR at this stage thank you :) Even then, it’ll take a toll on my elbows.

But I have some small tidy up to do on Ventress and then today is finally cool enough to be happy about gluing myself in to two bald caps!

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