Ventress progress

Actually made the circular buckle by hand today, which was a bit silly but hey. But I have been chased from my workroom by the biggest bumble be I’ve ever seen. Normally they are about a long as from the end of my thumb to the bottom of the first knuckle. This one.. well this one I could see from my room which makes it technically A Bit Big.

Shelob may be eternal (seriously how many years has it been??) but the bumble bees just keep reproducing and getting bigger. This one really did seem about two knuckles long which is just terrifying.

What are they feeding on?

Anyway. This dark apprentice is a fraidy cat so hopefully it will have vacated by now. Because they tend to figure out how to get in but not back out the same way. Like ducks in the lounge. Oh yes. One of our ducks got in to the lounge the other week and it was a bit tricky getting him to leave.

Anyway, dinner break and putting on my glasses to go get photos of what I have done and then fleeing the local wildlife.

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