Ashara test!

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I have my video uploading- it will take forever. So basically this goes as follows:

Pat, wipe skin to remove oils from hairline.

Bald cap, lined up just below hairline and glued with Prosthetic Aide. Stippled over the edges but no cabosil at this stage as it’s a test and not vital to a test.

Kryolan TV Stick in white (070) brushed all over face and blended to neck- foundation brushes and a “hake” style brush (wide flat soft)

Powder set- large soft brinzer brush.

Pressed powder pigments in shades of purple and black applied with liquid (sterile saline works, as does water) using narrower foundation brushes and consealer brushes over base. This mixes the pigment in to the greasestick slowly as the liquid evaporantes.

Shading with soft round brushes down nose, into nostril creases. Flat semi-coarse blusher to contour around jaw. Dense powder brush (flat top “kabuki” type) to blend over wide areas once powder is dry and set.


And yep, I’ll be using this same technique for Ahsoka :) Should work for Shaak Ti too :)

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