I’m tired.

Well fatigued. It’s so bad right now I am on the verge of tears and being angry every minute. So any bright light right now is very much treasures.

And that’s why despote a terrible set of auditions this week I was smiling all the way through. I’m not oblivious but I got to at least show some of what i can do which is total dedication to what I am doing.

Anyway. Auditions are a nightmare so I’m happy we also got to do a group ballet class as I got to meet so many lovely ladies who were all also nervous as heck and at least made a few feel less worried :)

But health wise. I am low in iron again. It drops super fast and has honestly only ever been a real issue with the RA. I mean no, I wasn’t able oto donate blood four times a year or anything but it was enough to keep me going.

And because I am not willing to put my health at risk I’m making some huge, reluctant, modifications. I am not “enjoying” food as such and I’m now even less thrilled but it needs to be done. So I am using suppliments and diet changes.

But there is little in the way of work to show for how tired I am. It’s all super slow going and I don’t feel like updating with: hey I pulled this seam apart five times and here it is looking like 1% different. Do you see it, senpai?”

But the i.Chimaera is going forward. Just very slowly. I also keep being unwilling to take the waist in as much as it needs to. I’ve pulled it in further at the CB waist. But it’s taken in so much I need to clip the seams. I hate that as it’s the point of no return! The shell is slightly stretchier than the inner so I’m having issues with puckering of the seams. Most will be covered by sequinned fabric but it’s the whole mucking around in the meantime.

But the skirt is attached to the bodice at last which means some decorative and stabilising stitches to go over.

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