Depertately needing stays

Mainly a really good c1890 corset as it’s the perfect counter to my totally not happy in a corset ribcage. It helps apparently lengthen the torso which does not happen when I make a really strict copy of the 1880s corset in Corsets and Crinolines.

So I’m going through my stacks of images and inspiration files to see how unwarped I can make the patterns. Honestly the best one I ever made was my steampunk corset with silver PVC. I sort of have a pattern I kept from that which is sort of a mix of 1870s gussetted stays and a c1900s.

sm_P1090335 margcorset

First corset is my steampunk, second is a near direct copy from C&C (laced up the back, front opened).

Okay stuff it. I do have a fabric pattern super similar to the silver PVC and I can construct it like a c1880s stay. But seriously…

sm_P1090349 sm_P1090350 sm_P1090355


Yep. I’ll set aside the other stays and make a set like this again. Please ignore how the skirt is not lined up!

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