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So I took the list of actual products used and tried to get the most important, however there are two sticking points, pun intended:

My foundation was moisture rich, i.e. oily. So I think that acted as the opposite of a primer! I’ll try with a foundation that can be set, a more liquid foundation.

The Chromacake is water set but there is also a specific setter. I would recommend using that.

When I tried to put my wig on the green shifted, so help putting a wig on is highly recommended.


The supplies with associated tools.

Foundation with sponge

Chroma Cake (Landscape Green) with goat hair brush and filbert shaped foundation brush (synthetic)

Kryolan transluscent powder and bronzer brush

Supracolour 511 and consealer brushes and round goatshair brush

MAC pigment in Golden Olive with super soft blusher brush

4X eyeshadow pots and angled brush (eyebrows and eyeliner) and round application brush (natural)

Gel liner, liquid liner, mascara in true black.


So then I started applying:



Good match, reduces redness. Flattens everything!

Chroma Cake:


It is like watercolour! Mixing to a standard watercolour wash by soaking the brush in water and swirling on the cake. A single load of water will go fairly far and then suddenly dry out. It also beads! I wound up using the wet goat hair brush then the foundation brush then a dry smaller goats hair brush. You want to gently sweep. And with the dry brush mainly stipple.

Heavier application to throat and hairline.

Powder set

Recommend using a big powder puff, you want to not push this stuff around

Supracolour/TV Stick


This kind of flattens but softens. I used it on all the highlighted parts. It’s not mentioned or shown but I’d set after this as well. I didn’t and I wound up with uneven blush and golden hue. I’d also recommend the TV stick if you can get it. The mix is firmer so you need to hold the tube in your free hand to warm it. But it is more resistant. The Supracolour is softer so does go on more evenly.

I used a round goat hair brush and mostly stippled. Then used a concealer brush in obvious eye and mouth areas.



Oh holler! Yes, this is what I do all the time with different pearlescent pigments :) It’s essentially a bronzer/enhancer to unflatten the green. My pigment is a bit grainy (it’s a fine powder) so I tipped a little in to the palm of my free hand and used the soft blusher to swish it around and get an even load that was nearly invisible. And swept that over the higher areas.



This is fun, but also dependent on your own features :) I used the closest I had in my kit to match the shades listed. The store I was at did not have the actual pots any more. So I used a matte black on my brows.

I used a pearl to highlight brow crest but also above the brow. This kind of makes them stand out more and gives them a higher relief on the face.

A semi matte mid brown to shape in to the eye socket.

A mid purple to work over the socket.

The same purple was applied to the cheeks and again as I didn’t set this is slightly uneven.

My eyeliner and lip liner was a gel kohl. My eyeliner was topped with a liquid liner and my lips with more of the Golden Olive pigment mixed in a gloss.



What I wound up using.

Foundation: latex sponge.

Chroma cake: Wet goat hair, wet foundation, dry goat hair.

Setting powder: big round bronzer.

Supracolour: small round goat hair

Pigment: soft blusher, dry goat hair

Eyeshadows: soft blusher, soft round natural, angled synthetic.



Do use a fixative! It’s super easy to stipple more of the cream stick/pot over but it’s great to not have to do it at all! Or at least as a last second thing :)

Do make sure your primer and foundation is stickable. So this means staying very hydrated and moisturised.

Do use setting powder after each stage. Except mascara and eyeliner.

The TV Stick is a good investment. It won’t be so easy to apply but it will stay longer.

The Chromacake does feel weird. It is a mix of very plastic and very dry. It’s just strange. It’s not you. It’s nothing like a cream cake nor a water cake. It does bead on the skin, and it will settle and it will lift off your skin if you sweep to firmly with the brush.

The Chroma Cake goes on really well with a very wet foundation brush for the neck, ears and hairline. A very wet brush here works well. For the face a drier brush is fantastic for the final pass. Just stipple on the slightly wet cake and stipple on the skin.

The fatter and wider the goat hair brush the better! It is ideal to use the brush lengthways.

Do wear contact lenses before starting if you need to see and do fully hydrate them properly. I am just shortsighted enough that a full face application can get very blotchy and I just can’t tell! I also have astigmatism so applying eyeliner now kind of hurts- pressing on the eyelid in general but especially over my cornea. Be sensible and avoid the eyes until you have a smaller more controlable brush.

Don’t be afraid of the brows! I need to make mine wider :) But I need thinner brows for Elsa!



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