And the vay-cay is over

The heady few days of sewing and sewing and more sewing has finally ended- sigh. But what has also happened is I have had a wonderfully positive week too despite being hit by tonsilitis- possibly with a standard cold.

Tickets to WoW and a road trip tp plan. A gown to make for it that is inspiring me so much again.

The offer of running cosplay workshops and social meets through the Akl Libraries (full support from them) and the ability to display my own work and to demystify the process of making costume.

A collection of mannequins to use for display and around my own workshop :)

And a small thing but the ability to use all stash for my gown including lining that I just rescued from the “pass on” pile :) And some more of that can go towards Maleficent’s sleeve lining :)

Right now I am recovering from yesterday which was spent with friends and totally lovely :)

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