Elsa and Satine :)

I got the ice flurry outline cut for the cape :) A process a bit more complicated than it sounds.

Wrangling lengths of paper backed glue on to soft and slightly stretchy super fine tulle that also catches on everything… Well it happened, just wasn’t fun :) I also didn’t want to waste anything more than I need to so had the extra length of tulle tangling on the ironing board. etc.

So after that I decided I needed to tidy, got that done, and started to remove the rest of the heavy (degrading) net from my old Pink Diamonds hearts :) I’d like to just put them on a new bodice, so I may just have to tint some of the stretch satin I coloured to be able to do that. They aren’t accurate but are pretty and part of the original outfit However the pink fabric backing is quite different and a bit stained. I’ll have a look and may just remove everything :)

I also have the same bodice lining to make the wedding dress from the same film. It’s super classy and having seen the original I love the super soft crepe and how it hangs. But having seen the original I know how dimensional it really is! So a tad torn.

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