Padme family and blue Tatooine beads and more


I can’t believe how hard these beads have been to find! 8mm flat round beads, the little shells, both have been out for a very long time. But luckily the beads are back in regular stock. The shells were a lucky find with the shoes.
The shoes have the perfect tiny short heel for both Reinette and Christine’s dressing gown. They just need to be covered in bone coloured leather.
The rest is obvious: boots and mat for Shae, ditto knife blades, and the tulle for Elsa and the silicone to tidy Selina’s wig :) will need to add dark roots first I think.

Meanwhile I did not have enough sleep, food, or water today and making up for it all has lead to me feeling super unwell. But very excited by all of this :)

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