lazy day, started bad a bit better :)

I can gauge how well I am by thinking about whether I want to play a game or not. I know, I know, but it is a really good mental check point because a game uses brain, eyes, hands, and a lot of concentration.

Okay, slight pause. There is a bird a few meters away that can see me, so I am typing where it can’t see my hands and trying to not move anything else. Phew it’s gone, young blackbird I think. Probably child of Cheeky Bird who regularly does the same.

Anyway, I’m a bit too tired to play, but my pain levels are low enough that I can look in to tidying my workspace slowly. It should hopefully inspire me to keep working. Sad as I am to not have so many specific events to work towards now, I am in fact far more free to pick and choose. Well to a degree. There are some issues that have limited what I can do, and where, and while I did not choose them, I am nevertheless extremely affected by them.

But I really am getting very keen on working on a few of my On Hold projects. Lol! One of which is my hand sewn partlet with ruff of doom. This has been cursed. To the point I have zero partlets. Nope, zero, none. The ones in progress got lost and now I find my temporary super sheer voile one has gone as has my lovely heavy linen one. Gone. At least I have my hand rolled heavy linen suite of ruffs but you know.. not happy.

But I just got my Satine/Tauriel wig and it is super pretty. And freaking heavy. Let’s put it like this, I will be able to do a How to video on making Leia buns it is that full.

But I’m really keen to use the photos I was allowed to take of the embroidery of the Hindi Wedding gown. ANd now I really want to watch the movie….

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