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I tested platsil alone and it didn’t stick, then I blasted it with a hot hair dryer and my test patch stayed on my hand so very well :) Heat not UV it seems?

So yep. I got myself glued in to the bald cap and cowl (prosthetic aide)- used a flat brush and a bit of flannel folded into a spongey square, for stippling.

Then I glue sticked my eyebrows- forget once, never again!- and IA wiped my face.

And then got 4gm of each part of platsil 10 and put them in to different containers. Then mixed quickly once placed in front of the large mirror.

And then brushed most of it on the mask and pushed on to my face and I was super lucky to have positioned the cowl perfectly- PA doesn’t like being lifted…

Then I mixed some of the matching green pigment mix (suspended in diluent so it is safe to mix in silicone) and filled in as many seams as I could. Good success on most, but I have a patch of skin┬áto the right of my mouth that has always resisted paint/glue/makeup. No idea why, but it’s there. It was the only place the came apart all day and it happened early on. Of cource.


Then AA paint to touch over mouth and eyes and neck.

Sadly this pull was a little heavier than my first so the movement is not quite as good as I wanted. The darn unstuck patch meant I couldn’t really move my mouth- but that will be fixed with getting more deadener and making a thinner cast- basically really putting the pressure on the molds.


All in all, I am a dino lady from the dawn of time. Had there been a Jenny or Clara I’d have had a fun time flirting but hey ;)

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