Not the greatest of weeks

Not the greatest of weeks

However nothing will ever affect the things people rely on me for, just it’s a pretty stressful time and I never ever come away from a show personally satisfied.

I can be glad I got the job done, incredibly grateful others help make that happen but at the same time know full well what I have sacrificed to make this happen. And that no one can replace it, well they could but won’t.

I am less known here in NZ and Oz than I am overseas, and that used to be okay. But not now. It’s really not a nice feeling. It’s also super not handy when trying to explain an issue is not about me as a person but as a situation I represent.


Vague? Sorry yes. But shows are very not happy places for me. Every time someone stops and takes the time to say hello or say hello back (I may have squeed at a few cosplayerswho were not prepared or were at least equally tired and out of words as I was 🙂 ) I get a huge buzz. It doesn’t make my ego go out of control I promise. I promise I do not ever go to shows expecting anyone to know me or be following me (though please say if you do- a public page is there for a reason 🙂 )


Okay. I’m also not terribly well but geeking is never a burden. Geek. Geek with and and me. Do it. Stop me and talk.Please do. I overheard a few things that suggested some people were intimidated or worried the judge hat was on all the time and that the judge hat was also some sort of weapon. Nope.Please do talk to people who have been in the contest. I don’t care who you are or if you have ever said a cross word about me; if you enter the contest you have my utmost respect and I will protect you.

Okay. I will take a break. Just sharpened my lovely manicure in to talons and I think they look nice but I also have had a single cracker and now a glass of wine. I will leave the forms to pile up for an hour or people will get garbled replies. I have only one red squiggly line in this post! Woot! Okay now that is two as woot is not in the Chrome US dictionary.

Break time until 8.30.

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