by michaela de bruce, August 12, 2014

So Mite 10 Mega sells Norksi brand fibreglass and that range include polyester as well as epoxy (and the aisle has info sheets on “what is epoxy” which is awesome for health and safety!

It also includes matting and fillers including one labeled as a glue powder, in smaller font that it is aerosil.

I can confirm it is indeed straight up aerosil and straight up nommy and makes for a super flexible mix! So my horns now have the sharp upper angle and deeper support and all in all look fab. And I will be able to at least cast a few horns out of the stuff without super splashy messy making.

However I cleaned my head cast while waiting and I made the mistake of forgetting the time so my jaw is out of alignment. One of my classic signs of RA activity is in my jaw. So right now my lower teeth overlap my upper because of inflammation.

I also nearly had an episode (it is a bit like being drunk but without the stuff people usually get drunk for…) okay it was an episode.

I saw the hospital GP again and basically yes, the long term steroids do mean needing extra care with infections and physical stresses so a day like today is a minor stress and still has an effect. Still in line for an endo specialist.

I feel so much lighter in my headspace though. Just being able to say and have accepted that I can do this far but no further so I can have a life and not potentially shorten my life/wind up in a coma with the few totally physically demanding things I do.

Right so I may also be channelling John Wayne in my walk, and having to take a break after each sentance for my elbows. Hands as well but mainly elbows. So definiety not supplimenting enough cortisol but it’s better to try and avoid.

Also new mineral steroid ca help raiseblood pressure which will be amazing 🙂 My BP is between 95-105/ 60-70 all the time. Been 75/? before which is a bit naff

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