by michaela de bruce, August 2, 2014

The charmeuse is indeed totally dyed and currently spinning around in the dryer. Only a short run as it does dry very quickly.


The sequins… oooh.. pretty darned cool if you ask me. I haven’t got them quite perfect but I think that is a matter of time and heat and more dye.


In all cases the cornflower blue is on the left overdyed aqua green on the right. I wish I’d kept some in reserve. However it works extremely well. My sequin sheeting was not so happy- it’s possibly styrene based? It warped like the blazes. However the uncovered plastic tinted in a pearlised way so I’m going to definitely do some playing around.

I am torn. The color has worked so well but I am not totally happy with the shape.


Cersei is the gown that will kill me. Currently going through a yellow oche wash. I think it’s more brick but hey. I hope to pass this one along once she is at the point of decorating. I decided to use the braid on my Elisaa gown instead. Whoops!


My headcast had a new layer of PVA added so a photo of it.


I am asymmetric but not quite that much in the skull, I may have to sand back on her left a little more. Sigh.


And Maleficent battle doll has left the US! Well the NZ Post warehouse.




Trademe seller of dyes, super prices super fast packaging. It winds up much cheaper to get than from Spotlight and they are really good at replying to emails too 🙂



NZ Post has set up a means to get products to NZ from US based shops- Maleficent battle doll got processed really quickly 🙂 And repackaged for cheaper shipping.


I think I need to get a links page up for all my local and international traders who have been so good.

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