by michaela de bruce, July 20, 2014

Aside from my very top notes being too hard to get I did manage Glitter and Be Gay today 🙂 My abs. Um, speaking of which yeah those laterals? massive workout with coloratura and that first verse which requires a heck of a lot of continued support- sustained bracing in the lower torso. Then the bouncing of the chorus. It’s such a wonderfully physical song!

But it may not have been wise to follow it up with Let it Go (not too bad) and Defying gravity (whoa there gear grinding changes! Still easier to belt those top notes than the middle, it is belted, there is no floaty head vibrations).

And I have argan oil for my skin and hair. y hair loves it. My skin is still being a bit unsure. Might need a little extra for my hands.

Finally singing after two milky coffees and brushing teeth is a recipe for lots of gunk. So to the scales! Hmm, I get a woodwind like effect. You know like Eddie Izzards description of a clarinet? Mainly when I try to do a full scale over my lower notes. So it is a mix of gunk and also I need to keep the inner smile up for those notes as well.

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