by michaela de bruce, July 25, 2014


I remembered O have a lovely crepey fabric in stash 🙂 It’s what I used for my Rachi so I can hopefully make the moors robe and a circle skirt to go with my Rachi robes to make a custom jedi 🙂

Velvet… omnomnomnomnom.



Leather for the boots! This brown pvc coating does come off (with a solvent)



Perfect finish and weight for functional boot covers. Who am I kidding. I’ll make a full boot upper!



The MJ Trends stretch matte PVC. This is amazing! Super stretchy much softer than it looks here, I have not stretched it as I do not want to pin through the fabric. But I have tested it against their shiny butt stuff and it has a very similar stretch. Slightly more vertically though. So a light single knit backing with a light but good coating. I have a few samples to send to locals to get a feel. I may be able to post small 5cm by 10cm pieces to others as well.

Well worth the money and shipping. It’s fully tracked so it is pretty much dollar for dollar fabric/shipping. This is why I didn’t get spiral steels at the same time. Now I wish I did!





    • July 25, 2014

    OOh that fabric does look amazing plus all the drapy fabrics in your stash!

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