by michaela de bruce, July 16, 2014

GGgo back up to 5mg prednisome a day (compared to hydrocortisone so this is about the right dose) have it mornings not at night. Eat even though I have no appetite (though anything protein I will hoover up- hummus!) Have 2 glasses of fluids not one (one water one whatever else).
I don’t have junk food, I rarely eat lollies and I have a lot of fortified food- which has probably been a big unexpected help. (I have to do the booyeah! Dance because I even doubted and blamed myself for not having enough iron, for doing this to myself.)
I am reminded of Reaper Man, PTerry. The realities of being undead, a way to look at the marvels of the body while still alive:

It began to dawn on Windle that the human body is not run by the brain, despite the brain’s opinion on the matter. In fact it’s run by dozens of complex automatic systems, all whirring and clicking away with the kind of precision that isn’t noticed until it breaks down. He surveyed himself from the control room of his skull. He looked at the silent chemical factory of his liver with the same sinking feeling as a canoe builder might survey the controls of a computerised super-tanker. The mysteries of his kidneys awaited Windle’s mastery of renal control. What, when you got right down to it, was a spleen? And how did you make it go?

His heart sank.
Or, rather, it didn’t.
‘Oh, gods,’ muttered Windle, and leaned against the wall. How did it work, now? He prodded a few, likely-looking nerves. Was it systolic . . . diastolic . . . systolic . . . diastolic . . .? And then there were the lungs, too . . . Like a conjurer keeping eighteen plates spinning at the same time – like a man trying to programme a video recorder from an instruction manual translated from Japanese into Dutch by a Korean rice-husker – like, in fact, a man finding out what total self-control really means, Windle Poons lurched onwards.

I may completely adore the Discworld and there is always a quote for every experience. And different viewpoints. And it is all awesome. Super sad my collection is a sooty dried out falling apart mess. I haven’t the heart to throw them out though. I just can’t.

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