Not too well

Not too well

I went to the mall last night, on  a big ass straw search so I do not panic in the alginate, and too look for perfect shoes to make over for Battle Maleficent (so many terribly designed shoes- I have a high instep but a mid level arch and if my arch sits over the side of the shoe there is something off.)

Got the former but not the latter. And pretty soon after I stopped being able to walk. Well not without help. So my stress hormones are a tad out of whack dealing with pain which meant no sleep.

So this fine winter morning shall have to be spent catching upon sleep and warming up before even looking at any activity.

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  1. Zeb A. / 4 Jul 2014 9:34pm #It’s a good morning to stay warm and rest HGUS


    • admin / 5 Jul 2014 8:41am #And I did the same today. It was so good. I may just have to let my sleep pattern shift around a bit :)


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